Habitat by Honestbee, one of the most modern and largest grocery and food marketplace completed in Singapore.

Habitat by Honestbee, one of the most modern and largest grocery and food marketplace completed in Singapore.

Since the opening of the new JEMI-ASIA office in Singapore more than a year ago to provide prompt communication response, faster sales and technical support and service, we have established many distributors trusting our products and promoting them throughout the Southeast Asia and Australasia region.

We would like to share and highlight our latest project, with remarkable success, promoting the JEMI products in one of our most significant references.

Honestbee is a leading company headquartered in Singapore that operates an online concierge and delivery service, as well as a business to business (B2B) parcel delivery service. Customers select their groceries and/or food orders through the company’s mobile app or website. The company provides personal shoppers that pick the purchased products and these would be handed over to drivers/riders who subsequently deliver the products to the customers. Honestbee had since set up regional offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan.

In 2018, the company initiated a new ambitious major project, Habitat by Honestbee in Singapore. This development provides multiple concepts within an enlarged area with selections such as local delights, pastries, asian and western cuisine as well as premium seafood and meats which can be chosen to be grilled or cooked on the spot, to be able to taste and savour the ingredients in their freshest form. Customers can also select and purchase many imported fresh and packaged products, which are made available at this unique marketplace. This is made entirely possible with the complement of the best modern technology through development of their own app and excellent logistical coordination.

Jemi is honoured to be a part of this innovative project which was carried out and well implemented by our Singapore distributor, KitchenHub Pte Ltd.

In the main kitchen at the back of house, a variety of standard 750 series cooking modules have been carefully designed and installed to form three cooking lines serving the western, gourmet and halal sections. The cooking lines are complemented with our gas burners, grills, fry tops, pasta cookers and neutral modules.

However, without doubt, the most prominent and outstanding feature would be the spectacular custom-made monoblock that we had built in a record production period of 5 weeks to fulfil our commitment of an expedited delivery time required by Honestbee to be in time for their official launch. The custom monoblock is certain to draw attention from everyone who walk-pass the open concept kitchen, with the monoblock easily recognizable as the masterpiece of the entire kitchen. It is built entirely of stainless steel material of grade 316 and 304, with a 3 mm thickness for strong durability. It highlights an integrated upper grill, perfectly integrated doors and drawers and enhanced with robust and attractive brass knobs, providing a classic touch. The main elements that make up the kitchen are gas burners with water chamber, fryer and pasta cooker perfectly welded to the plane, the modern French top and a plancha grill with surrounding water channel. Finally, the most outstanding and unique component among the elements that complete this cooking block, are two Josper Basque grills which have been seamlessly integrated into the monoblock to make it a special and extraordinary piece at the Executive Chef’s request.

This incredible project of Honestbee complement our ambition to grow and improve, developing challenging and efficient cooking equipment. But above all, the experience and learning acquired is a guarantee of success for our future projects.