In this article, we have made a small maintenance guide so you can have a path for looking after and maintaining your professional dishwasher.

If you follow these steps you will extend the life of your professional dishwasher and also avoid potential damage in the future.


1 – Clear the washing tank daily out or after every service, removing the overflow tube and cleaning it inside.
2- Remove the pump’s filter and wash it under a tap.
3- Always check and control the deposit levels of washing products, detergent and rinse aid.


4- Remove the washing arms and clean them of dirt. This operation must be done, at least once a week, always depending on the workload of the professional dishwasher.


5- Check if the rinsing nozzles were bloked, mainly due to lime deposits.
6- Check if the water softener is running correctly (if available) and check if there is enough salt in the tank. In case of manual water softener, always make the necessary regenerations to have water in good condition for washing dishes.
7- Clean the exterior and interior of the machine with neutral detergents (non-oxidizing or aggressive).
8- Check the moving parts of the dishwasher, the doors, as well as the mobile and separable parts of the machine.
9- Check the wash and rinse temperatures of the machine in order to check if they match with the professional dishwasher thermometers.


10- DO NOT clean the machine with water under pressure.


All these operations should be done with the machine disconnected from the power supply, and switched off and also the main switch switched off.

With these tips you will perfectly maintain your Jemi professional dishwasher in a perfect condition and avoid unexpected damages.

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