JEMI in seventh edition of the Kitchen Nightmares

05 Oct, 2018

JEMI in seventh edition of the Kitchen Nightmares

JEMI collaborates with chef Alberto Chicote in his seventh edition of the KITCHEN NIGHTMARES program in Spain.

Chef Alberto Chicote, known for the “Kitchen Nightmares” program, where he visits restaurants with problems to help owners solve them, has gained a lot of success after 6 seasons already aired.

For the 7th season that will premiere soon, Jemi has participated in the program contributing with different equipment, and helping these distressed restaurants to have quality and durable cooking equipment for a prosperous future thanks to the contribution and advice of the chef .

While it is true, the Jemi products have been seen in different restaurants of the program since the beginning of it due to Jemi has been the leader of the sector for more than 50 years since its founding with thousands of installed equipment.

In addition, it is not the first time that Jemi and Chef Alberto Chicote collaborate, since the chef has Jemi equipment installed in his restaurants Yakitoro of Paseo de la Castellana, and in the restaurant Puertalsol in Puerta del Sol, both in the city of Madrid.