Honest Bee, one of the largest and most ambitious projects carried out in Singapore

07 Oct, 2018

Honest Bee, one of the largest and most ambitious projects carried out in Singapore

Since the opening of the new JEMI-ASIA office in Singapore a year ago in order to provide an excellent service, and more than twenty promoting our products throughout Southeast Asia, we want to highlight the latest projects, with remarkable success, projecting and promoting the JEMI brand to be considered one of the great references.

The most ambitious project due to its magnitude and repercussion to date is the new center of the Honest Bee company in Singapore. Company that operates an online grocery and food delivery service, as well as a B2B parcel delivery service. Customers select their groceries and/or food orders through the company’s mobile app or website. The company provides personal shoppers that pick and deliver products for their customers.

The new center supposes a multirestaurante with food prepared and cooked to the moment, to be able to taste in the same installation or to take. You can also buy many packaged and fresh products, also functioning as a quality market/supermarket. All this with the best online technology through its app and excellent logistics.

Jemi has participated in this novel project carried out by our distributor, representative and exclusivist in Singapore, Kitchenhub.
In the main kitchen, a variety of standard 750 EV cooking modules have been added, forming a total of 3 wall cooking lines. The lines are composed by Fry Tops, 6-burner gas cookers, grills, tilting and boiling pans, pasta cookers and neutral modules.

But without doubt, the most striking and important to highlight is a second cooking area composed of a spectacular monoblock kitchen that we have built in a record time of 5 weeks fulfilling the commitment of delivery time required by the customer. The custom kitchen draws attention to everyone who passes by, being the most important piece of the project. It is built entirely of best stainless steel quality 304 and 316, with a 3 mm thick envelope. It highlights a bulky upper grill, perfectly integrated doors and drawers and some robust and beautiful brass knobs, providing an antique touch.


The main elements that make up the kitchen are fires with water chamber, fryer and pasta cooker perfectly welded to the plane, coup de feu and a fry top plate with perimetral water channel. Finally, what stands out most for its uniqueness and spectacularity among the elements that make up this kitchen, are two Josper Basque grills perfectly integrated at the Chef’s request and that complete the monoblock, being a unique piece.

This incredible site of the HonestBee company feeds our ambition to grow and improve. But above all, the experience and learning acquired is a guarantee of success for our future projects.