EPS system: The best energy saving system for your professional dishwasher

06 Aug, 2018

EPS system: The best energy saving system for your professional dishwasher

Energy efficiency has come to a new level with the best energy saving system developed by Jemi, and certified by APPLUS laboratories that guarantees a 25% energy savings.

It’s been a while since Jemi started developing systems for our professional dishwashers to be more eco-friendly with the environment and more efficient with our resources. Thus, we are reusing the energy that is transformed into steam during the washing process to save energy.

But how EPS system really works? It is usual that in the washing area of the kitchens a great amount of humidity and temperature is concentrated. Therefore, it’s very unpleasant using the washing equipments for the operators, and being aware that this energy is wasted and could be reused. Thanks to EPS system technology, Jemi professional dishwashers take advantage of this residual energy, contributing with energy savings of 25% and releasing fresh air, without humidity, improving the environment in the washing area. EPS technology efficiently reuses the wasted heat from the steam generated during the washing process to preheat fresh water from the tap to be used for rinsing. In addition, by condensing the steam we help creating a fresh and pleasant working environment.

The Jemi professional dishwashers are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, always looking for an efficient use of the resources, saving energy and also reducing the electricity bill. The EPS system has been certified by the APPLUS laboratory, guaranteeing a significant energy savings of 25%. This system is increasingly demanded in our professional dishwashers. In fact, 3 out of 5 Jemi professional dishwasher incorporates the EPS system, and this trend is increasing every year.