Innovating Gastronomy in Jakarta: The Jemi Kitchen of Bar Marea

03 Apr, 2024

Innovating Gastronomy in Jakarta: The Jemi Kitchen of Bar Marea

The recent opening of Bar Marea in Jakarta has become the talk of the town among the Indonesian capital’s food enthusiasts, not only for its promising array of tapas inspired by Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine but also for its innovative kitchen infrastructure. At the heart of this new culinary venture lies a key strategic decision: the installation of a Morei professional kitchen, supplied by Jemi, the parent company.

This central element of Bar Marea’s operation symbolizes an undeniable commitment to excellence and efficiency. Opting for a kitchen of these characteristics reflects an investment in durability, performance, and innovative design, crucial aspects for a restaurant aiming to make a difference in Jakarta’s competitive market. The Jemi kitchen selected for this project is known for its adaptability to different gastronomic environments, its energy efficiency, and its capacity to withstand intense work paces without compromising quality.

This collaboration between Bar Marea and Jemi is not just about installing kitchen equipment. It’s a testament to how the right choice of infrastructure can directly influence the quality of service and the dining experience. This professional kitchen facilitates an optimal working environment for chefs, allowing them to focus on creativity and innovation in their dishes, knowing they are backed by cutting-edge technology. Moreover, this approach reflects a broader trend in the restaurant industry, where the quality of kitchen equipment is considered not just an investment in operational efficiency but also in customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, Bar Marea’s decision to install this professional kitchen underscores the importance of technical innovation in the success of modern gastronomy. In the words of Jesús Mora, CEO of Jemi-Morei: “We are proud to be part of this exciting project, and our commitment is to continue providing solutions that not only meet our clients’ expectations but exceed them:” The collaboration with Bar Marea is a clear example of how our technology can contribute to the flourishing of exceptional culinary experiences.

For those interested in learning more about how professional kitchen technology and design can transform gastronomy, we invite you to explore our range of products and consider how a similar investment could benefit your own culinary operations.romiso es seguir proporcionando soluciones que no solo cumplan con las expectativas de nuestros clientes, sino que las superen.” La colaboración con Bar Marea es un claro ejemplo de cómo nuestra tecnología puede contribuir al florecimiento de experiencias culinarias excepcionales. Para aquellos interesados en saber más sobre cómo la tecnología y el diseño de la cocina profesional pueden transformar la gastronomía, los invitamos a explorar nuestra gama de productos y a considerar cómo una inversión similar podría beneficiar a sus propias operaciones culinarias.