The most complete sanitation for a clean and disinfected kitchenware

08 May, 2020

The most complete sanitation for a clean and disinfected kitchenware

Sanitization is always a mandatory factor in industrial dishwashers. Cleaning and disinfection of the items to be washed must be guaranteed. All Jemi equipment complies with the health and temperature regulations that guarantee good sanitation.

Taking advantage of innovations and optional systems to incorporate to our washing range, we can guarantee strict sanitization and disinfection through these new technologies, taking it to a higher level.

These special options are normally demanded at Hospital, laboratories, and caterings whose sector requires a higher degree of sanitation, such as catering for aviation. This is the case in some centers where the requirement of the thermo-label test needs the installation of the special Jemi system for tunnel dishwashers.

Due to the health crisis situation that we are experiencing with COVID-19. We want to emphasize and make known to all those interested, our systems and options that further improve the sanitization and disinfection of washing, passing the most demanding certifications.

Below we explain in detail the different systems and options:

Rinse at constant temperature: Allows the entire rinsing process to be carried out at constant temperatures of 85 – 90 ºC. By means of a rinsing pump and open boiler of greater capacity, it provides the necessary rinsing pressure and a constant high temperature for perfect sanitization. This option is available for undercounter, hood, and utensil washers.

Thermo-stop system: It consists of a safety system that ensures and guarantees that the washing will be carried out at a temperature of 55ºC and the final rinse of the cycle at a temperature of 85ºC. Available for undercounter, hood and utensil washer . It can be incorporated into installed dishwashers.

TCV rinsing system: Effective and ideal rinsing system for rack and flight conveyor dishwashing tunnels. In combination with the enhanced ECO Rinse, we keep the rinse temperature constant at 85 – 90 ºC. We reach the necessary temperature and for the time required to pass the thermo-label test. This label verifies that the washed material has been perfectly sanitized. At the healthcare level for hospitals and in different caterings with high demands on their safety protocols, their use is essential.

NEW Dishwasher EC Series special glasses, which incorporates as standard the rinse system at constant temperature and thermo-stop. The glassware will be perfectly sanitized, in addition to guaranteeing perfect drying and polishing of the glass, avoiding manual review of the material and excessive contact with it.

The importance of continuing to improve and provide new technologies in our washing systems is a greater challenge in situations of sanitary crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing. Strengthening our commitment to continue working to ensure that professional washing evolves beyond current health safety standards.