Paraguas Group by Sandro Silva and Marta Seco. The most vibrant and famous restaurant group in Madrid.

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The beginnings of any project are always uncertain and complicated, but as emphasized by the Chef and owner of Paraguas Grupo, Sandro Silva, Jemi was present from the beginning to support him, and it is something he remembers and appreciates.

The Paraguas Group is today one of the most important references for Jemi, as it is for the restoration and society in Madrid and Spain. Since the first opening of El Paraguas Restaurant in Madrid, the group’s flagship and consolidated success, the following projects that followed have marked a before and after in all respects. Ten con Ten, Quintin, Escuela Taller, Amazonian, Numa. Each one with its own character, and all with the essence and the good taste that Sandro and Marta highlight, which is a guarantee of success. Of course, none of these restaurants leaves anyone who visits them indifferent.

Jemi and the Paraguas Group have always been hand in hand with each new project. Trusting in each other, and being very important as Sandro highlights the human factor. In the end, the group of people that form both Jemi and Paraguas Group are the most important and fundamental asset for the success of the projects.

Sandro highly values ​​the support received by Jemi with each new idea, making everything much easier, being one more and being part of what is now the Paraguas Group. He will always count on Jemi, for the support received, for the quality that Jemi offers both in service and in product, and above all for the confidence shown with so many years working together.