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The cookies are files of text that contain small quantities of information that disburden in your computer or mobile device when you visit a web site. The cookies are sent of return to the original web site in every later visit, or to another web site that recognizes them. The cookies are useful because they allow to a web site to recognize the device of the user. The cookies can realize different functions as to allow to sail between the pages of an efficient way, remembering your preferences, and in general to improve the navigation of the user.

As for the types of cookies, these qualify according to the entity that manages them; this way, we have the own ones and those of third partie, according to the term that they remain activated of session or persistent, according to its purpose, technologies, of customization, of analysis, advertising and of advertising comportamental.

We inform you about the types of cookies that are in use in this web site and its purpose:

( Own or of third party)
User's informationPHPSESISDTECHNICALSessions controlSessionOwn
User's information_ctTECHNICALSQL TransactionsSessionOwn
Identifier of visit_utmaANALYSISThere supports the record of the number of times that a user has been in the place, the first visit and finalizes. Google Analytics uses the information to calculate things like days and visits to the purchase.PersistentGoogle Analytics
Login_utmbANALYSISMarks of time of the exact moment in the time when a visitor enters a placePersistentGoogle Analytics
Logout_utmCANALYSISMarks of time of the exact moment in which the user leaves a place.SessionGoogle Analytics
User's segmentation_utmzANALYSISCapture notices wherefrom there comes the visitor, that search engine has used, in that link did click, which key word used, etc.PersistentGoogle Analytics

JEMI S.A., uses cookies of Google Analytics, the configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service that Google offers, motive for which we suggest him to consult the page of Google Analytics's privacy, to

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The fact that the user forms your browser to reject all the cookies or expressly our cookies, it can imply that it could not realize the process of purchase or contracting, but the visualization of the pages neither will prevent nor will interfere in the navigation.

Uso de cookies / Use of cookies

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