Professional kitchens Chef version, cooking with water is always the best option

30 Apr, 2019

Professional kitchens Chef version, cooking with water is always the best option

The essence and a basic element in a professional kitchen are powerful gas fires that offer exceptional performance. All Jemi gas stoves are very well valued for the good functioning and power of the fires. However, it is important and practical that they are both easy to clean.

The standard equipment of 2, 4 or 6 fires are designed so that they are easy to clean. This is because all the elements, such as burners, burner crowns, and pilot and thermocouple protectors, are removable. In this way the removable elements are cleaned individually with ease, and the structure is presented diaphanous for easy access.

The drawers pick up fats also make work much easier.

When the water comes into play, the cleaning task becomes even easier. The Chef version in Jemi’s professional kitchens offers greater and better cleaning. When the fires are placed on a tank of water, all the fats end up deposited in this tank allowing them not to dry out, and when draining, the cleaning is easy and fast. The tank is manufactured with rounded edges and stainless steel of the highest quality. The water level is marked by an overflow, providing a few centimeters of water sufficient for a good functioning of the Chef kitchens. As in all versions of gas fires, these are also removable in the version with water, leaving the tank completely clear.

It is highly recommended to incorporate in the Jemi kitchens Chef version the option of stainless steel grills. They allow to work more comfortably with pots and pans.

Without a doubt, the combination of fire and water is gaining great prominence in professional kitchens with Jemi’s CHEF range and is increasingly used by our customers for its great advantages.